photomontage of fielders at silly point

why ‘the silly points’?

What is the point of another cricket blog? one might say.

Well, the game of cricket has been changing over the years. Long gone are the days of the ‘gentleman’s game’. Now it is a game of professionals it is said. The world of perform or perish. The world of No Comfort Zones.

But there still are some of us, on the verge of extinction, who value the game of cricket as it was always meant to be. Holding on to our memories from yesteryears.

It is said that the game of cricket has moved on with the times and so should we. Instead of reminiscing the past, we should be appreciating the changes, new rules and regulations. Implementation of new technology in the game.

That to live in the past is just silly. But that is what we chose to do.
And where else better than in the anonymity of cyberspace?

Hence we have the


‘Silly Points’.
A ‘position’ only for the braves, or the most stupid

We write only when we find issues that we feel strongly about and we write to share our thoughts.
We are unable to simply copy and paste.