photomontage of fielders at silly point

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my fingers to you too, greg chappell

A blog by ©hinaman I took much flak, from forum to forum and from weblog to weblog while Chappell unchallenged was systematically dismantling the Team India. It was alleged that I was simply getting back at him for removing Ganguly from captaincy. It was too easy an excuse for the Ganguly haters, for Chappell was [...]

Assault and Battery – 2

continued from Assault and Battery – 1   A blog by donthaveaclue   5 Waqar Younis Few sights in world cricket are more awe-inducing than to see this man starting his run to the wicket. The long run up, legs pumping, jowls reverberating followed by the whiplash windup and round-arm release are forever associated with [...]