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don’t worry, be happy

A blog by ©hinaman: Lost today, so what? Probably out of the tournament, so what? The weeks of the IPL turns out was not as good a preparation for the world cup, so what? Don’t worry, be happy and look on the bright side, Mr Dhoni You won the tournament that really matters. So, why [...]

IPL | turning a blind eye?

A blog by ©hinaman: IPL governing council members: Did they know nothing? The Economic Times: 23 Apr 2010, 0000 hrs IST: The IPL’s governing council has 13 members apart from commissioner and chairman Lalit Modi. Almost all of them have now ganged up against Modi for his alleged wrongdoings. Why were they silent for so [...]

A blog by Incredibleshoaib: written exclusively for The “Silly Points” Just like international cricket’s newest format, I too will attempt to keep my preview short and full of action. INDIA The defending champs start out the second edition of the T20 World Cup as overwhelming favourites by a good distance. No total will be big [...]

what value the lonesome t20i

A blog by ©hinaman: cricket for the boom times? the Twenty20 matches; after all its creation was aimed at the cash-rich and time-poor to go back to 2001 when international cricket was buoyant, the county game was in steep decline a Stuart Robertson working as the marketing manager of the England and Wales Cricket Board [...]

Title? India win!! (what else?)

A blog by meg For the last 2 overs I have been chanting “Balla utha! Chhakka laga! ” in my head (That’s in a song from the movie Victory for the uninitiated). And the Pathan brothers have obliged Time for a celebratory coffee break! meg is an Indian Cricket Fan – For Better Or For [...]

$1million: for the soul of cricket … the cricketer comes for free

  A blog by ©hinaman   England: 99 all out in 19.5 overs | 87 minutes (4.99 runs per over) Stanford Superstars: 101 for no loss in 12.4 overs | 58 minutes (7.97 runs per over)   The Stanford Twenty20 for 20: what was it all about? Nasser Hussain meets Allen Stanford Mail Online: 02nd [...]

necrotising cricket: the attack of IPL-T20 virus

A blog by donthaveaclue   Just picture these: Raccoon city In an underground research facility called â??The Hiveâ?(tm), a deadly mutating virus, codenamed â??T-virusâ?(tm) is unleashed turning every human into a flesh-eating zombie. By the end of the movie, the virus has escaped the confines of â??The Hiveâ?(tm) and infected Raccoon City with the promise [...]

difference that 1 run can make

-600K (no, not °s Kelvin) A blog by Â(c)hinaman Arithmetic says so. 1200K – 600K … that in US$$$ But the difference that last run made to cricket yesterday is much more than that. The scorekeepers have balanced their overs and maidens, runs by the byes and the extras. They have made way for the [...]

A blog by donthaveaclue: Impact on the basics of the game The final post on the â??Impact of the IPLâ?(tm) series means to look at the impact on the game of cricket itself. Being opposed to the new format of the game just on account of the fact that it is a new format is, [...]