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A Pregnancy awaits: Day 2

Nightwatchgirl’s Ashes 2009 diary:   Dear Diary, It has come to my attention (through, once again Miss Field – thanks) that the Ashes are nine months away exactly. A lot of things can be done in nine months: namely the creation of a human being. NWG could get pregnant today (possibility rating 1/10) and before [...]

Nightwatchgirl’s ashes journal: Day 1

Nightwatchgirl’s Ashes 2009 diary:   Dear Diary, So here it begins. with nine months and nine days to go (thanks Miss Field for the countdown), tickets for Lord’s went on sale today. Today. No warning. Just a letter in the post, informing NWG that she must part with £95 of her hard earned money (?) [...]

only for the Ashes 2009 ||| a forum

An announcement by Â(c)hinaman   In anticipation of a cracking series, we now have a forum dedicated to The Ashes 2009. Moderated by The Nightwatchgirl. It is open for all to read. To minimise spam, contribution and responses are restricted to members only. As of today, it is 0 years, 9 months 23 days away. [...]

like a Flintoff frown

I wish to share this with my visitors, not for any other reason but to appreciate the play with words, almost like the original master’s. I would never have thought, words of this famous song could be changed to cricket yet still retain the essense of the original. First published on Miss-Fields’ Cricket Blog, it [...]