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i have answers, but you may not want to hear

A blog by ©hinaman: you want answers? I have answers – it may not be a pleasant read. The records of the attack, the video clips, eyewitness reports and the description from Sri Lankan players leaves no doubt that there was not just lax security but NO security at all. I am convinced – some [...]

yes, I applaud the Sri Lankans

A blog by ©hinaman: cricket had been losing its ethos for a long while but I do not accept it has been tainted by the events of Lahore 3/3 it was not a fault nor a weakness nor any dishonourable act of dishonesty on its part that brought this on cricket on the contrary, the [...]

(co)incidentally, where were the pakistani players?

A blog by ©hinaman: the dust has settled, so has the shock, the anger, the grief – and the emotional voices let us go back to what did happen on a weekday morning at 08:40 at a busy roundabout in Lahore Pakistan 12/14 individuals – fired automatic weapons – launched grenades and escaped ON FOOT, [...]

… its no longer cricket

A blog by ©hinaman On a different venue: Mumbai The same game: religious bigotry and hatred The same opposition: islamic terrorism The same losers (and sufferers): the innocent civilians I apologise for bringing this up on a cricket blog, but the events of the last two days has affected cricket – and gone beyond to [...]