photomontage of fielders at silly point

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bad light? no, its his shadow on the field

A blog by Â(c)hinaman   Who to blame for the bad light in Bangalore that prevented an hours play? If you believe the Aussies, it was Ganguly blocking the sunlight. Oz media slam Ganguly for delaying tactics in ‘farcical draw’ Melbourne, Oct 14 (Press Trust of India) Melbourne, Oct 14 (PTI) Intentionally or inadvertently, Sourav [...]

when is it clean, mr ponting

    With the controversy raging in Australia, here is a couple of clips from youTube with Sunil Gavaskar’s commentary. I never been a fan of Mr Gavaskar, but I totally agree with him on this. The first clip: is of Ricky Pontings appeal.   [video][/video]   And here is a close up of Ponting [...]