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said the joker to the thief …

A blog by ©hinaman: “…there is no fixing in IPL”. No match-fixing in IPL, I trust franchisees, players: Modi Indo-Asian News Service, London, June 03, 2010 Lalit Modi, suspended Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman and commissioner, insists there has been no match-fixing in the three editions of the cash-rich Twenty20 league and that he does [...]

set a thief to catch a thief ….. or two …..

A blog by ©hinaman: ….. or an entire cricket board. No holds barred: Modi attacks BCCI bosses Gaurav Choudhury, Hindustan Times: New Delhi, May 25, 2010 In a sensational twist to the whole Indian Premier League saga, Lalit Modi, the suspended IPL chairman, has accused BCCI president Shashank Manohar of fabricating evidence, lying, favouring certain [...]

delusions of grandeur?

A blog by ©hinaman:   he must believe he is the cricket messiah Leaked email: Stewart Regan excerpts from the leaked email from Stewart Regan to Giles Clark Going forward, availability will be key and Modi predicts a revolution among players if they are not allowed to get involved. Indeed, he will soon launch a [...]

… lived by the sword, die by the sword … hah!

A blog by ©hinaman: I cannot believe that there are people who still believe Modi is all innocence or because of the success of IPL is irreplacable and should be allowed to continue. Set aside his previous criminal activities – his journey into Indian cricket itself is tainted. He conned his way into the Rajastan [...]

IPL | turning a blind eye?

A blog by ©hinaman: IPL governing council members: Did they know nothing? The Economic Times: 23 Apr 2010, 0000 hrs IST: The IPL’s governing council has 13 members apart from commissioner and chairman Lalit Modi. Almost all of them have now ganged up against Modi for his alleged wrongdoings. Why were they silent for so [...]

the rats … and the piper

A blog by damiths: The IPL I thought was an Indian institution. After all it is the INDIAN premier league. Maybe I was wrong. Have you ever heard about the English Premier League being played out side England because the government couldn’t round up enough coppers? To say that this has the greedy paw prints [...]

ain’t cricket, ain’t indian, sure is premier in its greed

A blog by ©hinaman: a bat hitting a ball just that, there is nothing ‘cricket’ in the twenty20 one could use a baseball bat, or even a rolling pin – it would make no difference indian premier league created by the Board of Control for “Cricket in India“ the teams are meant to represent indian [...]