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hitchhike-thru-7-ODIs for Dummies

A blog by Donthaveaclue The test series done, it’s business-as-usual in India as a seven-match ODI series kicks off and before you know it, the home-team is two-nil ahead. For as long as I remember, there have been two versions of the English team. One, that could be mistaken to be almost competitive against most [...]

2 + 2 = er … millions?

A blog by ©hinaman I somehow am no longer able to do simple arithmetic. I have been trying to add 2 and 2 and ending up with millions! I take a 2 Kevin Pietersen ‘keen to play’ in Indian Premier League From Times Online | Patrick Kidd | October 23, 2008 Days after the Indian [...]

counting chickens

  A blog by Â(c)hinaman Although I am optimistic about the KP era, when I read these kind of statements, it makes me cringe a bit. England v South Africa 4th Test “If we play like we did this week we can beat Australia. The key is to play like we did here every game,” [...]

for gawd’s sake … what’s next?

A blog by Â(c)hinaman: it is OK to play off the front foot or the back foot, it is OK to go across the line to hoick a ball outside off to midwicket it is OK to reversesweep it is also OK to top edge / inside edge for boundaries … but not for a [...]