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An Ill Wind…

  They say an ill wind blows no one any good, so when I woke up to see this splashed across the headlines of just several major cricket websites, I could not help but sense more than just a draft of bad vibes coming from the general direction of the ICC towards its associates and [...]

The axe has fallen

A blog by Andruid The long journey to determine which four associates will take their place among the greats of the game is finally over. Ireland, Canada, Kenya and The Netherlands booked their ticckets to India in the last round of the Super 8s. Also winning out were Scotland and Afghanistan who earned ODI status [...]

World Cup Qualifiers: almost there…almost

A blog by Andruid After going through several legs of World Cricket league in all sorts of varying locations, from the little island of Jersey in the English Channel to the sunny savannahs of Tanzania, the bandwagon to determine which 4 lowly Associates will dine at the High table of the ICC’s Cricket World Cup [...]

a starter for ten, who killed …

Pakistan, it is reported, today mourns the first anniversary of the death of Ms Benazir Bhutto. 27 December 2007: Benazir Bhutto was assasinated Musharraf was President of Pakistan 12 months on, the world still does not know who killed her. And we are starting to forget that 18th March 2007: Bob Woolmer died under suspicious [...]

On Test Status and Full Membership

A blog by Andruid on Bangladesh: This morning Bangladesh take to the field against South Africa in an attempt  to gain only their second ever win in the test arena in 50? attempts. If things take to their normal course it is likely that not only will that attempt fail miserably but so will the [...]

Meaningful Victory?

A blog by Andruid After One year of sweat and toil in locations all over the cricketing world, and some scarily close moments along the line, Ireland finally claimed their third consecutive Intercontinental Cup  with a 9 wicket win over a very stubborn Namibia in the final in South Africa. With that they moved further [...]

does it not rain in Dubai?

A blog by Â(c)hinaman: One day Internationals matches started in January 1971. As far as I remember, it has rained, somewhere on earth, every year since. ICC regulation 15.1 Today, ICC decided to amend its Regulation 15.1. It now reads: “The duration of the interval shall be agreed mutually by the umpires and both captains [...]

  In the backwaters of global cricket, out of the view and generally out of the comprehension of majority of cricket followers, the path to the 2011 Cricket World cup in the Subcontinent begins in earnest. Division five of the World Cricket league, will see 12 nations compete in a week long tournament from whence [...]

The New World cup Format: What it means for the little guys

Come the 14th of March the ICC will meet to discuss among other things the recommendations for the 2011 Cricket World Cup (The 50 over one) and what should be done to preventing it degenerating into the sort of farce that we were all forced to endure in the West Indies last year. Among the [...]