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my fingers to you too, greg chappell

A blog by ©hinaman I took much flak, from forum to forum and from weblog to weblog while Chappell unchallenged was systematically dismantling the Team India. It was alleged that I was simply getting back at him for removing Ganguly from captaincy. It was too easy an excuse for the Ganguly haters, for Chappell was [...]

when the knife in the back is a shot in the foot

A blog by ©hinaman why captain? I ask myself this question again and again, why does cricket still need captains? Pietersen quits as England captain, coach fired By Martyn Herman | LONDON (Reuters) | Thu Jan 8, 2009 8:11am IST After a day of media frenzy, Pietersen issued a statement signalling the end of his [...]

then and now of Irfan Pathan

Chappell, conflicting statements -II

Chappell, conflicting statements -I

Operation Clean Bowled.

leaks from indian dressing room

A blog by Â(c)hinaman Is there now a case for routine and / or random screening of mobile phone records of all international cricket players and team management? It is fairly confirmed that Greg Chappell had sent an SMS an SMS to a Rajan Bala which has now been made public. Is that not leaking [...]