photomontage of fielders at silly point

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it is not summer yet. A blog by Â(c)hinaman: But to those who exulted at the drop of Ganguly, its the equinox already. For their demon slayer Dhoni is the man who has called it right. Did he call it right? Or has been riding on Indian good fortunes? And the misfortunes of Australia and [...]

enough is enough? no, not yet

No comfort zones, right Mr Dravid? To drop Dravid for poor performance will be too humiliating. So as expected, to dilute the humiliation, the call is out now to axe all the seniors. Enough is enough, says a poster on 606 Cricket. The fact that they needed 144 in 20, WITH 8 WICKETS IN HAND, [...]

we have just one option, only dravid…

should go, and not take Tendulkar or Ganguly with him. In the last ODI series in England, Tendulkar and Ganguly were the leading run getters, and if memory serves me right, inspite of Ganguly getting a couple of rank bad decisions. In the present series against Australia, Tendulkar has been scoring runs. Ganguly has been [...]