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made it to taste like McAlootikka

A blog by Â(c)hinaman: What should be the thoughts that crosses my mind when I read this.   Letting Indian Fans Call The (Dull) Shots Alan Tyers on Cricket 365 March 31 2008 As every week passes, there’s more writing on the wall for English cricket. Are the custodians of our game reading what India [...]

How’s that for an alternative ending?! A blog by 186noutout: Itâ?(tm)s long been sort of a â??traditionâ?(tm) of the Australian team, — every summer, bring foreign team, get them minimal acclimatization, with practice matches against lowly domestic teams, and before they get the hang of things even minimally, they are 1-0 down in the 4-test [...]

Team India: time for a reality check

Australian Innings: 3.5 Sreesanth to Gilchrist, 1 run, fuller length delivery outside the off stump, slanting away from the left hander, Gilchrist comes on the frontfoot and looks to go for the crashing drive, outside edges it in the air, Dravid drops it at gully, catch dropped!!, not the toughest of chances, huge let off [...]

envy and prejudices, two stark realities of Indian cricket

  Regardless of hasty cover up statements, fact is, Ganguly was dropped inspite of being fit. Ajit Wadekar has persistently criticised Ganguly whenever possible. Ganguly selection debate rears head, yet again “How does he fit into the team? There is Uthappa, then Gambhir has scored runs in Twenty20 and of course there is Sachin. His [...]

Saurav Ganguly, and now the country wants him back

When Greg Chappell ruled supreme, when many cricketing pundits had declared IHateGanguly in a dotcom Rahul could-do-no-wrong Dravid was asked about Ganguly’s continued exclusion. It is reported his response was “we have other options”. Oh no we didn’t, and it has been proved in spectacular fashion. Chappell beat a retreat, Dravid followed reluctantly and the [...]

silenced and not just the Kochi crowd

  So we got beaten. The predicted rain didn’t come to save us this time. Sreesanth, the hometown hero. Sreesanth had said before the match that he wanted five wickets. He had to settle for three, but that dismissal of Symonds must’ve felt like five given the tension between the two. A pump of the [...]