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coach(es) at crossroads

A blog by ©hinaman: once referred to, often with respect, as “the coach“ they were restricted to the responsibility of teaching the skills and the rules of cricket to individual players the captain decided everything else; the tactics, the strategy and so the selection, but that left the “coach” behind the screen, a bit player [...]

when the knife in the back is a shot in the foot

A blog by ©hinaman why captain? I ask myself this question again and again, why does cricket still need captains? Pietersen quits as England captain, coach fired By Martyn Herman | LONDON (Reuters) | Thu Jan 8, 2009 8:11am IST After a day of media frenzy, Pietersen issued a statement signalling the end of his [...]

NZ Cricket Coach Job Application – 2

With such overwhelming interest for the post of NZ coach, from cricket columnists and bloggers the “silly points” has been gathering the applications diverse, witty, humourous, to the point of being soul-searching A job application by Miss Field Dear Mr Vaughan, It canâ?(tm)t be denied that the Black Capsâ?(tm) performance of late has been seriously [...]