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a starter for ten, who killed …

Pakistan, it is reported, today mourns the first anniversary of the death of Ms Benazir Bhutto. 27 December 2007: Benazir Bhutto was assasinated Musharraf was President of Pakistan 12 months on, the world still does not know who killed her. And we are starting to forget that 18th March 2007: Bob Woolmer died under suspicious [...]

Bob Woolmer Inquest: what has ICC got to hide?

continuing from Bob Woolmer inquest: raises more questions Woolmer toxicology tests inconclusive: Analyst Cricket Times of India | KINGSTON, October 27: Toxicology tests on Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer showed conflicting results as to whether he had ingested poison, a Jamaican forensic analyst told the inquest into Woolmer’s death here on Friday. Marcia Dunbar testified [...]

Bob Woolmer: inquest raises more questions

The series following the news and reports of Bob Woolmer’s mysterious demise. Woolmer died in March. Why did it take six months for this case to be heard. Since then his body has been cremated before a coroner verdict has been reached. Has the verdict already been decided before the hearing started? What is being [...]

Bob Woolmer: was it a destiny with death

Bob Woolmer died on the 18th March 2007. His death was unexpected and he was alone. The circumstances leading to his death was unexplained. The Law calls for a coroner’s investigation, as soon as possible to ascertain the cause of death. The first pathologist in Jamaica had given a report suggesting unlawful death. Normal practice [...]