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picking at the (heart) seams

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what an end to a test match.

A glorious draw to remember -
no replays or bowl-outs or the toss of a coin necessary to settle who was better.

It can only be in Test cricket.

a heart torn in two

It was difficult, even more as a neutral observer, to watch the final overs.
Talk of heart being torn into two.

One part of me wanted Australians to get a deserved victory.
The other half wanted the efforts of Collingwood, (battered and bruised) Swann, Anderson and Panesar, not to be in vain.

It was a draw – I will happily take that.

And what a match.
What a start, the perfect, to this Ashes series.

Test Cricket wins the honours.

An Ill Wind…


They say an ill wind blows no one any good, so when I woke up to see this splashed across the headlines of just several major cricket websites, I could not help but sense more than just a draft of bad vibes coming from the general direction of the ICC towards its associates and affiliates. The official stated reason was that they did not think that the approximately 250,000 dollars of its own money that Cricket Kenya had sunk into the project would suffice to make the tournament work. never mid that the ICC had yet to provide any fiscal assistance to the preparation for the event

For those of you who not keep an eye on youth cricket, the ICC’s next u19 World Cup is an event which the Interenational Cricket Council has traditionally hosted in its smaller members (Malaysia, and Nepal both hosting events) as well as showcasing the best u19 cricketers the world has to offer. The decision to shift the tournament to New Zealand, therefore seems on that level to act against the spirit of the tournament, as a vehicle to spread the cricket gospel far and wide. That the ICC having not previusly mentioned any indications that preparations were bad enough to warrant it, prior to making this decision (merely 8 months before the tournament was due to begin) is something that no cricketing body should have to suffer.

The last time the ICC created a tournament meant to raise money for developing the World Game They started the ICC trophy. But after two editions that mantra was dropped the tournament was renamed non-test teams were exculded and eventually we ended up with the farce now called The Champions Trophy. Here’s hoping logic trumps the lust for ‘bigger revenues’ that made that happen is kept out of the u19 World Cup.

With Canada, listed as hosts for the next u19 World Cup in 2012, starting to get cold feet over meeting the ICC’s shifting requirements the damage tthis decision could do to the confidence of the lesser lights in the ICC is already starting to show.


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For your eyes only

With all the ICC’s talk about the sheer importance of the Intercontinental cup, the walk (as assen here) is something entirely different. With the tournament onec again being rejigged. A whole new division created for the associates ranked 8-12? in the recent World Cup qualifiers), space being made for Zimbabwe’s attempts to justify a return to test cricket at Namibia’s expense, and the inroduction of that previuously unheard of concept of prize money for the tournament champs, this season you would think would be a new chapter for the tournament.

So when the fixtures scattered on various websites without any real effort by the ICC to even make a press release one wonders. That and that the particpants have been given abouit three weeks’s notice to make whatever preparations they can for the first round of fixtures can not be a good sign

Having scoured all the usual suspects, (and even some of the more unusual ones these are the fixtures that I have been able to dig up.

Intercontinental Cup  (2009-2010)

Thu Jul 2 – Sun Jul 5
10:30 local

Canada v Scotland
Mannofield Park, Aberdeen

Fri Jul 3 – Mon Jul 6
10:30 local
Ireland v Kenya
Venue TBC

Wed Jul 15 – Sat Jul 18.
(probably 9:30 am start)
Netherlands v Canada
Venue Unkown

Mon Aug 17 – Thu Aug 20
10:30 local
Scotland v Ireland
Mannofield Park, Aberdeen

No mention anywhere of where, or against whom Zimbabwe A’s debut fixture in the tournament will be against.

Also still no word on the fixtures for the newly created Intercontinental Shield.

Here’s hoping for better from the ICC.

If Carlsberg did upsets

A blog by Andruid

Then certainly this is what they would look like.

England, in the opening match of the T20 World Cup. At headquarters (Lords) going down to The Netherlands by 4 wickets in a last ball misfield.

What more could the tournament, or the game format, or even the associates for whom this victory is shared, possibly want!

see the final over here

Andruid’s forum From beyond the Test World and his own website: SportinKenya

Adios Symonds?

A blog by meg:

Another “alcohol related incident” and Symonds is on his way back to Australia. With him not being selected for the Ashes as it is and now his contract being off the table, is it the last we have seen of him?

As per cricinfo, he is keen to tell his side of the story. That is something I am eagerly waiting for. His attitude problems aside, I suppose Australia has been left poorer without him in the side for his sheer talent.

It is a pity that he refuses to learn from his mistakes. Although, in all honesty, it is difficult for me to feel sad for him!

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Just like international cricket’s newest format, I too will attempt to keep my preview short and full of action.


The defending champs start out the second edition of the T20 World Cup as overwhelming favourites by a good distance. No total will be big enough for India’s star studded batting line up and this in turn is likely to put enormous amount of pressure on opposing teams to set huge scores against them which could lead to their own downfall.

If one were to be extremely critical I believe India’s weak link will be their bowling but their power packed batting line up should more than make up for any short comings in their bowling department.

I firmly believe that T20 is a batsman’s game and more importantly it is a format in which teams that have players who can clear the boundary on a regular basis will most likely be the team that will triumph at the end of the day. In this context, unlike any other team in the competition India have as many as seven batters in their line up who could clear the boundary with ease, consistently and that might be the difference between them and the rest of the teams in the competition.


It would be apt to call the South Africans the form side of the tournament given that they have been consistent and done very well in all formats of the game in the last 12 to 18 months.

However, their inability to win a major World tournament thus far is likely to continue to haunt them this time around as well.


With the retirement of Adam Gilchrist and Mathew Hayden the Australians are certainly not the side that they were back in 2007.

However, Australia being Australia one should never make the mistake of underestimating them.

Their chances in this tournament will depend greatly on the performance of their batters and if their batting clicks they have the bowling prowess to get them home.


They haven’t played too much international cricket of late but they still have the talent to challenge the very best one their day.

Shahid Afridi has had a miserable run with the bat for some time now and if could some how find some form there is no doubt that it will make Pakistan’s efforts of repeating their performance of the last T20 World Cup that much more easier and perhaps might even help them go a step further.


A decent side but certainly lacks penetration in the bowling department.

Skipper Daniel Vettori had an indifferent IPL second season and much will depend on him to shoulder the bowling responsibilities for the Kiwis.


Despite playing at home, I can’t see England going too far in the competition. They are a decent side but in my opinion lacks the ‘X’ factor to go the distance. They will no doubt miss the services of ace all rounder Andrew Flintoff.


Their progress in the tournament will depend a lot on which West Indian team turns up on the day.


They come into the T20 World Cup with a new players kit and a new skipper but at the same time with familiar problems that have plagued their performance in the shorter formats of the game for the past 24 months or so.

Despite having probably the most potent bowling attack of all teams in the competition it’s the Lankan batting that will be of major concern to them. Jayasuriya had a very ordinary IPL and as always Sri Lanka’s ability to post a decent score on the board will depend greatly on the veteran and if they do manage to post a decent score they have so many bowling match winners in their ranks that can get them with ease.


A very dangerous side particularly in this format of the game. However consistency has been their problem and while I wouldn’t be surprised if they spoil the party for a few top sides, I can’t see Bangladesh going too far in the tournament.


T20 cricket is almost impossible to predict. However, at least on paper I can’t see any team challenging India this time around as well.

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the perfect delivery … like a birdsong

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you take a long step, maybe a couple
gradually increasing speed to the optimum momentum
and then with a smooth overarm movement you release the ball
your arm glides down in a graceful follow through

if you ever hear a bird singing to you
the ‘song’ of the smooth action of a bowler,
it is the Chaffinch

and listen for the couple of times he pulls up before the delivery
and one where he pushes through a faster one

Chaffinch: Fringilla coelebs

RSPB Guide
The chaffinch is the UK’s second commonest breeding bird, and is arguably the most colourful of the UK’s finches. Its patterned plumage helps it to blend in when feeding on the ground and it becomes most obvious when it flies, revealing a flash of white on the wings and white outer tail feathers. It does not feed openly on bird feeders – it prefers to hop about under the bird table or under the hedge. You’ll usually hear chaffinches before you see them, with their loud song and varied calls.

I can also love birdwatching, can’t I? :-D

Back In Business

A blog by meg:

So, the Great Battle of the IPL is over. To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on following the whole thing. The kind of phase 1 BRC had did not help matters at all. Couple of weeks into the league and I had almost stopped the occasional score check, it was getting that boring. And then, this guy happened, there were a few awesome matches, teams’ fortunes started fluctuating with every match(except KKR’s i.e.), BRC revived under Kumble and what not. What is a girl to do! I had to follow the last few games :)

A few random facts and thoughts -

  • The move to South Africa was good IMO. I think there was a more even contest between bat and ball. SRK found a legitimate reason to run off to India and not be with his team. But most importantly, in accordance with Murphy’s Law, there were a few spots of rain in SA, but the weather in England was fabulous. Lots of sunshine.
  • Tendulkar is not a good captain.
  • I saw the finals live on TV. You would think that having read enough about the atrocious commentary, the fugly trophy, all the Modi fawning etc. I would be prepared. But no sir! I died a little inside every time I saw the trophy or heard Pommie Mbangwa or heard a spectator/commentator singing praises of His Highness Modi. I had a funny vision (well, at least it made me laugh). People who have seen the movie Mr. India might be able to relate to this. I saw Lalit Modi on a throne, with a shiny black and gold uniform, his loyal soldiers and servants around him telling him just how great and awesome he is and how he will definitely rule the world pretty soon. And Modi is pink with barely controlled glee, muchlike Mogambo…”Lalit Khush Hua!!”. (Ya, I know it would be difficult to see the pink, but you know what I mean) Mercifully, I turned off the telly as soon as the match got over, and escaped the Closing Ceremony.
  • Robin Uthappa has discovered new high levels of uselessness. Does that need explaining? FOAD Robin!! I never thought it would come to this with this guy.
  • Rahul…oh dear Rahul…WTF?! How…I mean just how did you manage to drop that catch off Symonds?? And what about that godawful shot you got out to? What were you thinking? You remember that “not too many dot balls n taking singles” thing we talked about here? That works in T20 too…I swear….
  • Some things never change. Hey Symonds, what’s with all the chattering on the field?
  • Great turnaround for the Deccan Chargers! They did look like a completely different outfit under Adam Gilchrist. And, was AG on song or what..I could literally see the havoc he wrecked on Delhi in the Semi final even though I merely “read” it on Cricinfo.
  • And finally, Anusha has dicovered the IPL algorithm. It is called LIFO. So worry not KKR fans. IPL 3 is yours :)

430 words on IPL.
Wow! Didn’t know I cared that much….

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like a Van Winkle

A blog by ©hinaman:

only yesterday I was throwing slippers at the television,
watching the greatness of
Ambrose, Walsh, Marshall and Bishop
Greenidge, Haynes, Richardson, Richards
beating the cricket out of our Vengsarkar led Devs, Shastris, Sidhus and Azhars

but it was
a cricket I loved, grew up with.
played in white flannels with a cherry red ball – that made a crisp thwack when hit
and there were five full days worth of the glorius game

twenty years later I wake up to
a format of cricket I no longer recognise
a format of the sport where profit comes before good cricket,

Only sporting league where all teams make profits: Modi

MUMBAI: IPL Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi has said IPL has emerged as perhaps the only sporting league in the world where all teams made profits.

where in (a measly) 20 overs,
players are now tested only for their hitting big capabilities
entertainment provided by cheerleaders and Miss Bollywood Beauty Contests
and there are individuals, with intelligence apparently, who enjoy this form of “cricket”

at his wit’s end;
“God knows,” exclaimed Mr Van Winkle,
(it is narrated)
“I’m not myself—I’m somebody else—that’s me yonder—no—that’s somebody else got into my shoes” …

but it has only been twenty years,
how could this all have happened?

wish I was still asleep.
“Alas! gentlemen,” somewhat dismayed, I cry like old man Rip,
“I am a poor quiet man, a loyal subject of the real cricket, … God bless cricket!”