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An Ill Wind…

They say an ill wind blows no one any good, so when I woke up to see this splashed across the headlines of just several major cricket websites, I could not help but sense more than just a draft of bad vibes coming from the general direction of the ICC towards its [...]

For your eyes only

With all the ICC’s talk about the sheer importance of the Intercontinental cup, the walk (as assen here) is something entirely different. With the tournament onec again being rejigged. A whole new division created for the associates ranked 8-12? in the recent World Cup qualifiers), space being made for Zimbabwe’s attempts [...]

If Carlsberg did upsets

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Then certainly this is what they would look like.
England, in the opening match of the T20 World Cup. At headquarters (Lords) going down to The Netherlands by 4 wickets in a last ball misfield.
What more could the tournament, or the game format, or even the associates for whom this victory is shared, [...]