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too old to ‘keep’ … too young to ‘walk’

the perfect delivery … like a birdsong

A blog by ©hinaman: you take a long step, maybe a couple gradually increasing speed to the optimum momentum and then with a smooth overarm movement you release the ball your arm glides down in a graceful follow through if you ever hear a bird singing to you the ‘song’ of the smooth action of […]

like a Van Winkle

A blog by ©hinaman: seems only yesterday I was throwing slippers at the television, watching the greatness of Ambrose, Walsh, Marshall and Bishop Greenidge, Haynes, Richardson, Richards beating the cricket out of our Vengsarkar led Devs, Shastris, Sidhus and Azhars but it was a cricket I loved, grew up with. played in white flannels with […]

with Barnes, the first pre-season session

A blog by the one and only jrod I finally made my way down to Barnes at 10am on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t easy, but once I worked out the trip was only going to take 33 minutes, I realised I could make it for one morning. Unfortunately, I picked the morning of the […]

first pre-season

A blog by the one and only jrod Due to Barne’s antisocial training schedule, I had to look else where for some pre season training. So a few weeks back the suave one suggested i have a bit a run with his club of North Middlesex. I do plan on playing a few games for […]

50 not outs

A blog by jrod Here is the plan. I, jrod of cricket with balls, hereby pledge to do everything in my power to play 50 games of cricket this summer. It is a big ask, because obviously little things like physical fitness, life, work, family, girlfriends and laziness will come into play. However, my resolve […]

coach(es) at crossroads

A blog by ©hinaman: once referred to, often with respect, as “the coach“ they were restricted to the responsibility of teaching the skills and the rules of cricket to individual players the captain decided everything else; the tactics, the strategy and so the selection, but that left the “coach” behind the screen, a bit player […]

ain’t cricket, ain’t indian, sure is premier in its greed

A blog by ©hinaman: a bat hitting a ball just that, there is nothing ‘cricket’ in the twenty20 one could use a baseball bat, or even a rolling pin – it would make no difference indian premier league created by the Board of Control for “Cricket in India“ the teams are meant to represent indian […]

i have answers, but you may not want to hear

A blog by ©hinaman: you want answers? I have answers – it may not be a pleasant read. The records of the attack, the video clips, eyewitness reports and the description from Sri Lankan players leaves no doubt that there was not just lax security but NO security at all. I am convinced – some […]

yes, I applaud the Sri Lankans

A blog by ©hinaman: cricket had been losing its ethos for a long while but I do not accept it has been tainted by the events of Lahore 3/3 it was not a fault nor a weakness nor any dishonourable act of dishonesty on its part that brought this on cricket on the contrary, the […]