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“…there is no fixing in IPL”.

No match-fixing in IPL, I trust franchisees, players: Modi

Indo-Asian News Service, London, June 03, 2010

Lalit Modi, suspended Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman and commissioner, insists there has been no match-fixing in the three editions of the cash-rich Twenty20 league and that he does not doubt the integrity of the franchise owners and the players.

“There is absolutely no match-fixing in the IPL and the allegations being floated are just motivated by people to find ways and means of undermining all over the world what we have done,” he said.

“The IPL is an extremely competitive tournament. All the owners want to win. All the players want to win. We have zero doubts about their integrity.”

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And Modi is an honourable man. Then why can I no longer believe that?
Does the franchisees really give a toss for the outcome as long as money flows in into their coffers?
If there is any money on offer for fixing performance, will they not grab the dollars with their greedy fists?
Do they really care about the colour of money?

No match-fixing in IPL: Niranjan Shah

Rediff Cricket June 07, 2010 12:28 IST

Rubbishing allegations of cricket players being highly susceptible to corruption, Indian Premier League (IPL) vice-president , Niranjan Shah has said that IPL was foolproof from match fixing.

Shah’s denial came a day after former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist revealed in an interview that IPL players regularly discussed the looming threat of “match fixing” in the game. Gilchrist also claimed that players were ”easy targets” for match fixing in the IPL. Shah told reporters: “I feel that some players have the bad habit of commenting on everything, even if the issue is not their area of expertise. They just comment for the sake of commenting, without thinking what they are saying.”

Highlighting the IPL’s strict mechanisms and the Indian cricket board’s actions to curb match fixing, Shah maintained that there was no substance to Gilchrist”s statements.

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Areas of expertise?
Do players really need to be “experts” to comment on match fixing?

Match fixing in cricket

That is rubbish.

The player(s) are at the core of fixings.
Match fixing is possible ONLY if a player or players can be “induced” to co-operate.

I would rather believe the concerns of fixing raised by players like Mr Gilchrist than the habitual lies of BCCI/IPL management.

(apologies to Mr Bob Dylan for pinching a line of his song for the blog’s title)