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….. or an entire cricket board.

No holds barred: Modi attacks BCCI bosses

Gaurav Choudhury, Hindustan Times: New Delhi, May 25, 2010

In a sensational twist to the whole Indian Premier League saga, Lalit Modi, the suspended IPL chairman, has accused BCCI president Shashank Manohar of fabricating evidence, lying, favouring certain teams under pressure from “a Cabinet Minister”, putting pressure on corporates to go with what he wanted — almost eerily similar to some of the allegations against Modi himself —

In what is an all-out frontal attack on the Indian cricket board’s two most powerful men, he has made even stronger accusations against BCCI secretary N Srinivasan, and accused him of a “brazen” misuse of his power as secretary to “confer benefit” on the Chennai Super Kings (owned by India Cements, the company where Srinivasan is managing director).

One of the accusations Modi makes is saying Srinivasan attempted what amounts to “umpire/match-fixing” by trying to get umpires from Chennai/Tamil Nadu to officiate in matches that featured the Super Kings and there’s email evidence of the same. In what he dubs “a clear and brazen use of power” he has accused Srinivasan of trying to push a proposal that will allow existing teams to retain seven players (three foreign and four Indian), in order to benefit his team.

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They are all equally corrupt – Manohar, Srinivasan and Lalit Modi himself is no less.

To save his own skin, Modi now reveals the dishonesty of the BCCI. Let us not forget, he himself is the VP of the board. All these years he was happy to put up with the Pawars, the Manohars and the Srinivasans to achieve his own dishonest gains.

I agree with one of Modi’s points. Let there be an independent enquiry. Let us know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is time each and every one of these crooks were unmasked and the entire BCCI and IPL GC is eradicated of these vermins.

The crime scene investigation is only just starting.