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delusions of grandeur?

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he must believe he is the cricket messiah

Leaked email: Stewart Regan

excerpts from the leaked email from Stewart Regan to Giles Clark

Going forward, availability will be key and Modi predicts a revolution among players if they are not allowed to get involved. Indeed, he will soon launch a new franchise rule stating that a player has to be available to be auctioned. Given the earning potential, he expects players to demand to be part of it.

If governing bodies try to block the development of IPL20 then the franchisees could simply buy out the players and create their own structure. Modi believes that most star players would take the money rather than spend months playing country/state or indeed Test cricket. Indeed, if he wanted he could launch IPL Tests & ODIs!

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he is not just a naughty boy,
he is not only a spoilt brat,
Lalit Modi - delusions of grandeur?
this is an individual with a problem
this is an individual with delusions of grandeur