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I am back.

My interest in cricket had been killed off by a glut of twenty20s. More specifically, the IPL and the likes of Sharad Pawars and Lalit Modis of BCCI.

All that is about to change.

Government orders parallel probes into IPL affairs

NEW DELHI: The government has ordered parallel probes by virtually all its economic intelligence units to determine the source and use of funds by franchises of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and unearth possible tax evasions and flouting of rules.

“I can assure you that all aspects of IPL will be probed, inclusive of the sources of funding, how the funds were routed and invested,” Finance Minister Pranab Mukhererjee told the Lok Sabha Monday.

“I can assure the honourable members that no guilty or wrong-doer will be spared,” he said …

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There are many like myself, who love the ‘old-fashioned’ but the proper game of cricket. We have watched helplessly how the Sharad Pawars and Lalit Modis have turned cricket into a circus.

I have been praying for the day when cricket would be rid of such individuals. I sincerely hope that day is now here.

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