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An Ill Wind…


They say an ill wind blows no one any good, so when I woke up to see this splashed across the headlines of just several major cricket websites, I could not help but sense more than just a draft of bad vibes coming from the general direction of the ICC towards its associates and affiliates. The official stated reason was that they did not think that the approximately 250,000 dollars of its own money that Cricket Kenya had sunk into the project would suffice to make the tournament work. never mid that the ICC had yet to provide any fiscal assistance to the preparation for the event

For those of you who not keep an eye on youth cricket, the ICC’s next u19 World Cup is an event which the Interenational Cricket Council has traditionally hosted in its smaller members (Malaysia, and Nepal both hosting events) as well as showcasing the best u19 cricketers the world has to offer. The decision to shift the tournament to New Zealand, therefore seems on that level to act against the spirit of the tournament, as a vehicle to spread the cricket gospel far and wide. That the ICC having not previusly mentioned any indications that preparations were bad enough to warrant it, prior to making this decision (merely 8 months before the tournament was due to begin) is something that no cricketing body should have to suffer.

The last time the ICC created a tournament meant to raise money for developing the World Game They started the ICC trophy. But after two editions that mantra was dropped the tournament was renamed non-test teams were exculded and eventually we ended up with the farce now called The Champions Trophy. Here’s hoping logic trumps the lust for ‘bigger revenues’ that made that happen is kept out of the u19 World Cup.

With Canada, listed as hosts for the next u19 World Cup in 2012, starting to get cold feet over meeting the ICC’s shifting requirements the damage tthis decision could do to the confidence of the lesser lights in the ICC is already starting to show.


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  1. Posted June 26, 2009 at 7:06 pm | Permalink

    Sad to know that Kenya has lost the U-19 Cup. I am amazed how they could pull this off without having given any prior warning

  2. Posted July 1, 2009 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    Word on the grape vine is Kenya cricket’s officials are going to ask for a good faith re-imbursement for the money they put in and they will get first dibs for the 2012 event if Canada pulls out.

    (how machiavellian)