For your eyes only

With all the ICC’s talk about the sheer importance of the Intercontinental cup, the walk (as assen here) is something entirely different. With the tournament onec again being rejigged. A whole new division created for the associates ranked 8-12? in the recent World Cup qualifiers), space being made for Zimbabwe’s attempts to justify a return to test cricket at Namibia’s expense, and the inroduction of that previuously unheard of concept of prize money for the tournament champs, this season you would think would be a new chapter for the tournament.

So when the fixtures scattered on various websites without any real effort by the ICC to even make a press release one wonders. That and that the particpants have been given abouit three weeks’s notice to make whatever preparations they can for the first round of fixtures can not be a good sign

Having scoured all the usual suspects, (and even some of the more unusual ones these are the fixtures that I have been able to dig up.

Intercontinental CupĀ  (2009-2010)

Thu Jul 2 – Sun Jul 5
10:30 local

Canada v Scotland
Mannofield Park, Aberdeen

Fri Jul 3 – Mon Jul 6
10:30 local
Ireland v Kenya
Venue TBC

Wed Jul 15 – Sat Jul 18.
(probably 9:30 am start)
Netherlands v Canada
Venue Unkown

Mon Aug 17 – Thu Aug 20
10:30 local
Scotland v Ireland
Mannofield Park, Aberdeen

No mention anywhere of where, or against whom Zimbabwe A’s debut fixture in the tournament will be against.

Also still no word on the fixtures for the newly created Intercontinental Shield.

Here’s hoping for better from the ICC.


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