like a Van Winkle

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only yesterday I was throwing slippers at the television,
watching the greatness of
Ambrose, Walsh, Marshall and Bishop
Greenidge, Haynes, Richardson, Richards
beating the cricket out of our Vengsarkar led Devs, Shastris, Sidhus and Azhars

but it was
a cricket I loved, grew up with.
played in white flannels with a cherry red ball – that made a crisp thwack when hit
and there were five full days worth of the glorius game

twenty years later I wake up to
a format of cricket I no longer recognise
a format of the sport where profit comes before good cricket,

Only sporting league where all teams make profits: Modi

MUMBAI: IPL Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi has said IPL has emerged as perhaps the only sporting league in the world where all teams made profits.

where in (a measly) 20 overs,
players are now tested only for their hitting big capabilities
entertainment provided by cheerleaders and Miss Bollywood Beauty Contests
and there are individuals, with intelligence apparently, who enjoy this form of “cricket”

at his wit’s end;
“God knows,” exclaimed Mr Van Winkle,
(it is narrated)
“I’m not myself—I’m somebody else—that’s me yonder—no—that’s somebody else got into my shoes” …

but it has only been twenty years,
how could this all have happened?

wish I was still asleep.
“Alas! gentlemen,” somewhat dismayed, I cry like old man Rip,
“I am a poor quiet man, a loyal subject of the real cricket, … God bless cricket!”


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I only speak for myself when I say this. I do enjoy T20. I might have even enjoyed the IPL if it wasn’t for a) Lalit Modi and his arm-twisting, blatantly arrogant ways and b) all the distractions in way of these silly Miss Bollywood contests, DLF Maximums etc and all the attempts to make Modi sound bigger than he is.

Havin said that, I do appreciate and can understand where you come from. And I can only hope that the administrators strike a balance among all forms of the game. It will be sad to see Test cricket sidelined in all this glamour.

meg said this on June 1st, 2009 at 11:22 am