The axe has fallen

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The long journey to determine which four associates will take their place among the greats of the game is finally over. Ireland, Canada, Kenya and The Netherlands booked their ticckets to India in the last round of the Super 8s.

Also winning out were Scotland and Afghanistan who earned ODI status until 2013, as well as automatic places in the Intercontinental Cup. the next big shindig for the associates will be the World Cricket league division one matches in 2010 where all 6 ODI teams will take each other on as part of preparation for the WORLD CUP in 2011

The biggest losers are definetely Bermuda, whose 11 million dollar cricket machinery failed to spark their cricketers into defending the World Cup place and may even miss out in the Intercontinental Cup.

Namibia, whose FC progress saw them reach the final of the last competition and even had a team at the most recent u19 World cup, will also rue their inability to turn that progress into a World cup place and ODI status.

the world will have to do with a lot less of this…

but they get a whole lot more of this

Noor Ali tons Up

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Just thought I would point out that Ireland earned about(300k HPP grant and 250 K world Cu8p grants) 550k USD per year in terms of ICC devlopment grants and such for winning the whole tournament towards preparing for the 2011 World cup. If i rmember correctly mashrafe Mortaza was bid and sold for 650K USD to participate in the IPL. Not to mention the huge amounts of money other more glamourous cricketers are making.

Is that rwally fair

andruid said this on April 21st, 2009 at 6:13 pm

thanks andruid

this is about Bermuda’s failure and Afghanistan’s success
this is also about teams other than the six we know
who wait by the sidelines hoping to make it to the final stage

©hinaman said this on April 18th, 2009 at 4:32 pm