50 not outs

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Here is the plan.
I, jrod of cricket with balls, hereby pledge to do everything in my power to play 50 games of cricket this summer.
It is a big ask, because obviously little things like physical fitness, life, work, family, girlfriends and laziness will come into play.

However, my resolve is strong.
If you run a cricket club/side, and you are near enough to London that I can get their by public transport in a couple of hours, I will be there. On Saturdays I will be taken for Barnes, but if you book me in early enough I will be free for mid week games, and the odd Sunday game.

The more clubs Jrod can play for, the better.
See I am already taking in the third person, Jrod is so ready for this challenge.

My fitness levels aren’t what they used to be, but part of the 50 match challenge is to get fitter, however I am cricket fit in a Jesse Ryder Darren Lehmann kind of way.

When I have finished wowing one and all with my cricket prowess i will take all my games and write a book on them. Hopefully called something better than 50 not out (my working title).


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