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Though it went largely unnoticed in many circles, yesterday’s inclusion in the preliminary England 30 for the upcoming T20 World Cup, of one Eoin Morgan despite being the centrepiece of Ireland’s current batting line up looks certainly to raise more furore over the one-sidedness of the relationship between Full members of the ICC and Associates.

Never mind that Ireland would in all honesty rather Eoin were to stick with them for their own camapaign at that very same T20 World Cup, given he’s the very likely the most gifted cricketer to come from the Emerald Isle in many a year, they cannot offer him what England can, the real prospect of playing test cricket. earlier England capped another former associate cricketer in the shape of Ex-Denmark Fast-medium Amjad Khan on their tour of West Indies (even giving him a test cap) .

The Middlesex based left hander has all the right to play cricket at the highest level and with his obious talent (Averages 40 in First Class cricket) he looks like has does have the skill to succeed at the highest level, but should it come at the expense of his home country losing the sort of talent they need to earn test status?

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