coach(es) at crossroads

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once referred to, often with respect, as “the coach
they were restricted to the responsibility of teaching
the skills and the
rules of cricket to individual players
the captain decided everything else; the tactics, the strategy and so the selection,

but that left the “coach” behind the screen, a bit player
away from the publicity
with no glamour
most importantly – little money

but now they wish to change it all,
to have it all for themselves

they want to have total control over
tactics and strategies during the game,
as well as the team selection and substitution of players

football (soccer, if you so prefer) has them
they call themselves ‘managers‘,
it makes little difference who wears the captains’ armband
it is the gesturing and handrolling managers calling the shots from the dugouts

and when else a better time
than at present, when cricket is being perverted to a vulgar format

Not doing it for the sake of grabbing headlines: John

the telegraphindia | Saturday , March 28 , 2009

Do you see yourself as a pioneer? Is this going to be your legacy?

(Grins) There are two types of pioneers… The ones who get to the summit and come back… I’d like to be an Edmund Hillary, who reached the top of Everest and came back, not be like one of those who get to the summit and never come back! I believe it’s important to be exploring…

It’s important to challenge the way things are done… However, in this case, not at the expense of the franchise and the players… To repeat what I first told you on Sunday, this is no slight on Sourav and certainly no indictment of him… It just so happens that Sourav had been the captain in the IPL’s inaugural edition…

I want to do something which is different, something which isn’t tied to individuals… At the moment, it’s a concept and hasn’t landed, so to say…
In the next few weeks, we’ve got to ensure that this concept becomes a working reality.

four captains … for the name only,
it does not matter whether it is Sourav or Brendon or Ricky or Chris,

they will all flip and kick in unison with every twist of john buchanan’s hands

the “Buchanan’s Way”?
now why does it all seem so so familiar?


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thanks Lathkar
for stopping by.

It is a strange move, to be honest.
IPL is more a business than a sport and being based in Kolkata its not clever business move to alienate the fan-base that Dada has in the ‘home’ city of the franchise.

I feel someone somewhere has misjudged the situation and now SRK is trying to repair the damage.

I also read Vengsarkar being critical of Buchanan’s plans.

©hinaman said this on April 2nd, 2009 at 10:17 am

Is SRK preparing ground to get rid of ageing ‘Dada’ through Buchanan’s theory of rotational motion?

lathkar said this on April 1st, 2009 at 7:51 pm