the rats … and the piper

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The IPL I thought was an Indian institution. After all it is the INDIAN premier league. Maybe I was wrong.

Have you ever heard about the English Premier League being played out side England because the government couldn’t round up enough coppers?

To say that this has the greedy paw prints of Lalil Modi all over it is an understatement. Modi had two clear options. One to delay and shorten the IPL and the other to move it else where.

In the end he made the decision that didn’t make sense from any angle. It surely cant be a business move because, there is absolutely no way that they would make as much money from it being hosted outside India.

This is Lalit Modi’s equivalent of making a ‘quick buck’.

This was also an opportunity for the Indian government to use the IPL to showcase to the world that India is still a safe place for touring countries. To pacify the rising concerns about the World Cup being staged in the Sub Continent and in a broader scale to prove that South East Asia isn’t some warped hell hole where everyone is trying to kill each other.

Of course Lalit Modi probably doesn’t care about that. As long as he gets the IPL up and running while making sure the big English names are available he is happy.

It also seems as if the franchise owners are ready to march behind Piper Modi without so much as raising an eyebrow. Surely the accountants at these organisations would have to see that the PnL accounts wont be as pretty as last year?

And of course as always, the last thoughts are always with the fans.
This year the average Indian fan must be wondering what they did wrong to have the event, they made a success, pulled out from under them.

If anyone sees a Lalit Modi effigy being burnt. Let us know.
But don’t expect us to be surprised.

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