ain’t cricket, ain’t indian, sure is premier in its greed

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a bat hitting a ball
just that,
there is nothing ‘cricket’ in the twenty20
one could use a baseball bat, or even a rolling pin – it would make no difference

indian premier league

created by the Board of Control for “Cricket in India

the teams are meant to represent indian cities
they bear the names of the mumbais, the chennais and the kolkatas
just that,
in spirit, they never really had any attachment or loyalty to any of these cities
even a dry twig shoved into the ground with no pomp or glamour,
would have sprouted real roots by now

franchises’ no longer takes pride in their indian players
to promote themselves overseas, even the indian icons had to give up their captaincy

it will persist to call itself as an “indian” tournament,
to delude the “indian” cricket fans
to keep on paying

IPL move takes shine off India – Mihir Bose

BBC Sport |15:07 GMT, Wednesday, 25 March 2009

On Sunday, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) endorses the decision to move IPL out of India and franchise owners are briefed that it is 99% certain it will go to England.

Yet by Monday lunchtime the story has changed dramatically. Not only is no Indian cricket plane coming to England but now the word is the whole thing may have been a bit of Modi brinkmanship to force the Indian government to provide security and keep the tournament in India after all.

Nevertheless, Modi cannot avoid the charge that he flirted outrageously with England, almost taking them to the altar before jilting them, perhaps using them as bait to entice the South Africans.

The more lasting damage has been inflicted on Indian sport, particularly its desire to be a world player.

But this week’s event shows the Indians have a lot to learn as to how to sustain a sporting event that can command worldwide respect. A truly international sports event has to follow certain widely-accepted parameters including location, timing, venues and regularity.

Modi has preserved regularity but not much else.

The IPL, from its very inception, has been an Indian cricket product that reaches parts of the world few other Indian products have ever done. And within hours of Modi announcing South Africa was to host the event, franchise owners were on the phone to the republic seeking new commercial partners. Yet more proof of Indian cricket’s capacity to seek out money.

But there is more to a successful sporting event than just the money it generates. Indian sports organisers need to realise that.

it sure is
premier in its greed
premier in its shamelessness
for money and more money and money

it was NEVER about INDIAN cricket
it is NOT about CRICKET

wake up indians,
who truely love the real sport of “cricket”
- or rather go off to sleep when the matches start,
do not throw away your money to a bad cause – one that can only get worse with time

let this monster starve to its death


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