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you want answers?
I have answers – it may not be a pleasant read.

The records of the attack,
the video clips, eyewitness reports and the description from Sri Lankan players leaves no doubt that there was not just lax security but NO security at all.

I am convinced – some in the administration was aware of the attack and had deliberately let the Sri Lankan team and the officials be driven into it while holding back the Pakistani players.

It is time for the cricketers from all nations to say in unison that they no longer trust anyone who says it is safe to play in Pakistan.
It is has been proved beyond reasonable doubts.

That country has become lawless. And it is their own doing.
It is too late to call for help to fight Talibans for they have themselves protected the Talibans and brought them home.

Read these passages of Musharraf’s speech

Address to People of Pakistan on 19.11.01 – President General Pervez Musharraf

I must tell them that I and my government are much more worried about Afghanistan and Taliban. I have done everything for Afghanistan and Taliban when the entire world is against them. I have met about twenty to twenty five world leaders and talked to each of them in favor of the Taliban. I have told them that sanctions should not be imposed on Afghanistan and that we should engage them. I have been repeating this stance before all leaders but I am sorry to say that none of our friends accepted this.

Even in this situation, we are trying our best to cooperate with them. I sent Director General ISI with my personal letter to Mullah Umar. He returned after spending two days there. I have informed Mullah Umar about the gravity of the situation. We are trying our best to come out of this critical situation without any damage to Afghanistan and Taliban. This is my earnest endeavor and with the blessings of Allah I will continue to seek such a way out.

We are telling the Americans too that they should be patient. Whatever their plans, they should be cautious and balanced: We are asking them to come up with whatever evidence they have against Osama bin Laden; What I would like to know is how do we save Afghanistan and Taliban. And how do we ensure that they suffer minimum losses: I am sure that you will favor that we do so and bring some improvement by working with the nations of the world. At this juncture, I am worried about Pakistan only.

The Pakistani Army and their intelligence wing the ISI under the General Musharraf created and fostered the Talibans and the mujahideen.

Musharraf is obsessed in occupying the whole of Kashmir.
He initiated a war at Kargil without the knowledge of the elected PM.

Call for Musharraf treason trial

BBC News | Tuesday, 3 June 2008 19:54 UK
One of Pakistan’s most powerful political leaders, Nawaz Sharif, has demanded the trial and resignation of President Pervez Musharraf for treason. Mr Sharif was reacting to a former general who accused the president of starting the 1999 Kargil war with India without informing the government.

The war led to a falling out between Mr Sharif, who was prime minister, and Mr Musharraf, then army chief. Months later, Mr Sharif’s government was toppled in a military coup.

The president has since maintained that the army had taken the civilian government on board over the Kargil plan, but Mr Sharif insists the operation was launched behind his back. Now a senior retired army general, Lieut-Gen Jamshed Gulzar Kiani, has endorsed Mr Sharif’s position. “In my view, Nawaz Sharif did not know anything about Kargil, he was never briefed by the army,” he told a Geo TV interviewer on Monday.

It was reported by Ms Bhutto that he Musharraf had boasted he would not stop till the Pakistani flag was flying atop the Srinagar Assembly.
He failed spectacularly

Since then his military is responsible for training and funding the terrorist groups that have increased the insurgency and violence in Kashmir.

Pakistan: “The Taliban’s Godfather”?

Documents Detail Years of Pakistani Support for Taliban, Extremists

Washington D.C., August 14, 2007 – A collection of newly-declassified documents published today detail U.S. concern over Pakistan’s relationship with the Taliban during the seven-year period leading up to 9-11. This new release comes just days after Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, acknowledged that, “There is no doubt Afghan militants are supported from Pakistan soil.” While Musharraf admitted the Taliban were being sheltered in the lawless frontier border regions, the declassified U.S. documents released today clearly illustrate that the Taliban was directly funded, armed and advised by Islamabad itself.

Al-Qaeda and Mujahideens were created to fight the US’s proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. After the Soviet’s withdrawl, Musharraf had the perfect force in the Al-Qaeda and the Talibans to terrorise India and Kashmir.

The man responsible for the first Kargil War now wants to
be the President of Pakistan again
and has the audacity to say there will be more Kargils if Kashmir remains unresolved

The Al-Qaeda attack of WTC 9/11 ruined his devious plans.
He was forced to join the “war against” terror. For eight years he fooled the Americans that he was fighting the Talibans. He was not. He gave them and Al Qaeda refuge in NW Pakistan.
Waiting for another opportunity to hit India.

The events of Mumbai and Lahore is the Taliban aided terror group – the Lashkar-e-Taiba now out of control of Pakistani administration. What is chilling is many in the Pakistani Army and ISI (not unlike Musharraf himself) sympathise with LET and will protect them to fight their proxy war in Kashmir.

This is about Pakistan’s 60 years obsession to takeover the whole of Kashmir.
This is about a psychopath who wants to fly the Pakistani flag on Srinagar Assembly.

General Musharraf, Kashmir, Pakistani politics, terrorism and cricket had to meet at the cross-roads,
that day was the 3rd March 2009.

I see no chances of ever eradicating these terror groups.
Pakistan will remain out of bounds for all sport.
Forever if necessary.

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Thank James

Cricket can go ahead tomorrow in Pakistan –
they have enough trained troops who are well capable.

what cannot be known is how many who will be on guard are Taliban sympathiser or infiltrates. No security expert will ever find that.

Players may travel to Pakistan, it will be a new form of Russian roulette
yeah, Pakistani roullette by cricketers.

©hinaman said this on March 11th, 2009 at 12:11 am

It’s such a difficult situation, and I don’t know enough about the history of the region, Kashmir etc to comment intelligently.

I do know that cricket will suffer terribly though, and I can’t believe that many countries are queuing up to tour Pakistan in the next couple of years.

They’ll need to put clearer security plans in place to reassure the ICC and the cricketing world so that tours begin to return.

James said this on March 10th, 2009 at 10:06 pm

Thanks Alex
for stopping by and your comment

the events of Lahore comes as a bigger shock to those who are not aware of the 60 year history of pakistan.

Events of Mumbai and Lahore are stark.
They can no longer hide behind the pretext of giving “moral support” to the Kasmiri freedom movement.

It was Pakistan who through the the UNCIP resolution of 1949 deleted the third option of an independent kashmir through a plebiscite, they remain conveniently silent about it.

It is a nation obsessed and driven by their greed of occupying Kashmir –
it is said, as you sow so shall you reap.

Its harvesting time.

©hinaman said this on March 10th, 2009 at 2:12 pm

It is not just kashmir. Pakistan wants whole india. if you give small piece , will they stop on that ? they will continue to bleed india , once they know it worked with kashmir. I think it is better to start nuke war and done with it. Lets wipe out stupid pakis.

Alex said this on March 10th, 2009 at 1:37 pm