of ‘excessive’ character … jayawardene

An interview by damiths:

In an interview, the Sri Lankan captain was forced on to his ‘forward defensive’ by damiths of Flyslip.
These are the questions that were set by him and his readers on issues deep and wide …

1. Playing a 100 tests for your country is a great achievement, a feat not even Arjuna Ranatunga or Aravinda de Silva had managed, did you feel nervous at all when you went out to bat or feel a sense of occasion?

2. What would you consider as the highlight of your test career and the lowest moment in your test career.

3. The impact of T20 and the IPL on test cricket and playing for the national team has been undeniable, do you think it has come to a point where a player has to consciously decide between money and playing for the country? Have you had to decide between the two ?

4. There is a general sense amongst fans that your captaincy has taken on a more negative approach since the last WC and the departure of Tom Moody,do you agree with that assessment?

5. How different are Moody and Bayliss as coaches and as individuals ?

6. You’ re often quoted saying that you prefer to have a single 2020 tournament, instead of say the IPL, EPL and other possible leagues that might pop up in the future, do you think that’s feasible given the context of where 2020 is heading now?

7. Who do you think will be your successor as Sri Lankan captain ? Do you see any potential candidates in the current team, apart form Sangakkara ?

8. On your personal batting, you seem to have had a technical issue outside off stump throughout your career, why is that ?

9. How do you rate Ricky Ponting as a captain ? Who do you rate as the top 3 captains in world cricket at the moment ?

10. You have scored 24 test centuries but only 10 ODI centuries, why is that ?

11. Do the Sri Lankan batsmen find it hard to play Ajantha ‘Splendid’ Mendis in the nets?

12. Quite often we see Politicians getting involved with team selections and Sri Lankan cricket, Do you think thats healthy for our cricket?

13. Have you ever read theflyslip.net cricket blog ? Often quoted as the best cricket blog from SL ?

14. Do you think the current crop of Australian players have what it takes to match those of the great 90s teams? And do you think Australia will continue to slide down the rankings ?

15. Hobart in 2006 may have been the closest Sri Lankan came to beating Australia in Australia, do you think SL will one day be able to achieve that win in Australia ?

16. Do you think 50 over cricket should be toned down, now that 2020 cricket is more prominent? Which do you like playing more?

17. In your intro when you come to the wicket in a 2020 game broadcast, you mention your favorite shot as the ‘forward defensive’, a bit ironic for a 2020 game dont you think ?

18. Did you find it difficult to work with Arjuna when he was the head of the SLC ?

19. Finally on a lighter note, are you aware of your excessive use of the word ‘character’ in post match interviews ?

When asked,
have you ever read theflyslip.net cricket blog ? Often quoted as the best cricket blog from SL ?
He replied,

I have heard of it but have not been to the site yet. I have to admit that apart from Hotmail, and more recently Facebook, my laptop does not get much use.

If you happen to be reading this,
it just maybe that you have the time to read the full interview.
If you are curious as to why Mr Jatyawardene is of ‘excessive’ characters,

The interview is on Damith’s own website: Fly Slip - Looking for Lost Balls


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