photomontage of fielders at silly point

the lows, the flatlines, and the spikes – of our 2008

after a disastrous start to year 2008,
The “Silly Point” has been on a protracted course of recovery.
(who needs friends when have three Brutuses as administrators)

many left the site, without a backward glance, no, I do not miss them.
but many joined or extended support,
even when we were obtunded,
when I least expected,

I shall always be grateful to them.

we were -15 on the glasgow coma score,
months in cryopreserves, way below the flatlines,
but we did touch some highs; reached despite the negatives,

it taught me how to be self sufficient – to run an amateur website
without having to pander to any one individuals’ selfish motives or empty ego.

our policy will always remain as ‘one request only’ and we shall be true to those we call friends

we launched our cricket webring – the
to try to bring together cricket webmasters and bloggers into a friends’ ring
my thanks to cricketwithballs for being the very first to join in – when many simply ignored my invites.

we had BBC confirm that the complaint made against us by the booted departed was baseless
and were put back on the TMS blogroll.
we still remain on the blogroll of Rediff India – Cricket

even then it was a surprise, when as a blogsite we were offered a contract
to present an article on behalf of Shane Warne, to promote his new profile. We did it for free,
without compromising our amateur status. the royal flush: Shane Warne

Ganguly retired, and in style.
Amidst articles of hate and of ridicules, were some over the top articles in his tribute – mine included.
‘where the mind is without fear – the head is held high’ – a very bengali overtone to the title – but hey, he is a proud bengalee.

And to do us proud, it was quoted in
| Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 @ 12:28 UTC
India: Prince of Kolkata retires – by Javits Rajendran

and went on to get translated into three language versions: -
and to make me the most proud, into .

I am no cricket pundit but the very contrary,
neither am I a writer, but I feel proud that an honest voice may still have some value.

we are here to stay,
like a fielder at the “silly point” we stand as a constant reminder; close enough to kick ass …

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    Was going thru some of my old blogposts and found your message..
    sorry for not responding. I am adding you to my blog roll, hope you can add my link too..