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a starter for ten, who killed …

Pakistan, it is reported, today mourns the first anniversary of the death of Ms Benazir Bhutto.

27 December 2007:
Benazir Bhutto was assasinated
Musharraf was President of Pakistan

12 months on, the world still does not know who killed her. And we are starting to forget that

18th March 2007:
Bob Woolmer died under suspicious circumstnces
Musharraf was also the then President of Pakistan

21 months on, the world order has changed, yet we still do not know who killed Bob Woolmer either.

27th september 2007
The coroner’s hearing did not return a verdict of death from natural causes.

Police close Woolmer case after open verdict

AFP: Nov 28, 2007

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AFP) — Jamaican police closed their investigation into the shock death of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer in the middle of the World Cup last March after a jury handed down an open verdict in the case.

After a lengthy investigation an 11-member inquest jury Wednesday found insufficient evidence of either murder or a death by natural causes, in effect ruling they were unable to decide an outcome. Their verdict does not rule out the controversial strangulation finding of government pathologist Ere Sheshiah, but also does not force Jamaica police to continue a probe.

“We do not intend to go any further with these investigations,” Jamaican deputy police commissioner Mark Shields told AFP, saying the probe has already been shelved.

In case of the death of Bob Woolmer,  a possible homicide, the Jamacan authorities’ method of investigation was farcical.

inquest raised more questions than gave answers

Bob Woolmer: inquest raises more questions

  • why did Jamaican police have to call upon foreign pathologists to over rule the report of their own expert?
  • why did they ignore the evidence of their own pathologist – the only one who actually examined the body?
  • why did they decided to close their investigation on ‘opinion’ given by foreign pathologists who had not examined the body?
  • why was his body allowed to be cremated! – destroying the primary evidence before the Coroner’s hearing had even started?

what did ICC have to hide?

Bob Woolmer Inquest: what has ICC got to hide?

  • why did the the ICC appoint their own attorney at a Coroner’s inquest to challange the pathologist who called it homicide?

The investigation was an obvious cover up >>and to cover up any case of a possible homicide strings had to be pulled >> and in case of the headline grabbing death of Woolmer death in the middle of ICC World Cup, strings had to be pulled from the highest possible office.

If it indeed was homicide, there had to be a motive behind it.
And that motive had to be related to cricket and the 2007 World Cup – ie Pakistan’s performance.

Islamic Terrorism and cricket match-fixings

Dark side of the coin | Jamaican Gleaner news: April 1, 2007

GAMBLING in sport is a multibillion-dollar industry, according to an intelligence source of international experience, who spoke recently to The Sunday Gleaner. In cricket, the dark side to gambling is often not as straight forward as the flip of a coin. Indian police have said that gambling is controlled by the underground Mafia, with the notorious Dawood Ibrahim ranking highest on the list. They say that while the tendency to bribe people to fix an entire game has disappeared because of close monitoring by the ICC , ‘bookies’ are now involved in what is now called micro-fixing. People bet on even the most remote things such as who will bowl the 15th over.

The Sunday Gleaner understands that when India played Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup in South Africa, US$1 billion was gambled on a single match. This, experts say, explains why illegal match fixing in cricket is so dangerous, especially with al-Qaeda, the Osama bin-Laden-led terrorism group turning to this underground industry for funds.

One international intelligence expert argues that al-Qaeda, in the post 9/11 era, with many of its funding sources cut off, places huge bets on cricket matches, which they have a hand in fixing. “It is done through a big betting chain run out of Karachi in Pakistan,” the expert says. “Betting on rigged Test matches and rigged One Day International matches is a big source of funds.”

18th March 2007:
Bob Woolmer was the coach of the Pakistan cricket team
Musharraf was also the Chief Patron of the Cricket Board

19th september 2001:
Musharaaf was the President of Pakistan, following the threat of being bombed back to the stone ages – was dragged in kicking and screaming to join the fight against terror. But he declared to his nation he would protect the Talibans in Afghanistan – the protectors of alQaida

Musharraf’s pledge to protect Taliban – (so alQaeda)

The devil in a military uniform

President General Pervez Musharraf
… I must tell them that I and my government are much more worried about Afghanistan and Taliban. I have done everything for Afghanistan and Taliban when the entire world is against them. I have met about twenty to twenty five world leaders and talked to each of them in favor of the Taliban
… Even in this situation, we are trying our best to cooperate with them. I sent Director General ISI with my personal letter to Mullah Umar. He returned after spending two days there. I have informed Mullah Umar about the gravity of the situation. We are trying our best to come out of this critical situation without any damage to Afghanistan and Taliban. This is my earnest endeavor and with the blessings of Allah I will continue to seek such a way out.
… What I would like to know is how do we save Afghanistan and Taliban. And how do we ensure that they suffer minimum losses: I am sure that you will favor that we do so and bring some improvement by working with the nations of the world.

the Chain of Command:

Were these the overlapping chain of events that killed bob Woolmer?

Taliban finds friends and protection in Musharraf’s Pakistan
>>> Taliban gives refuge to Al-Qaeda
>>> Al Qaeda allowed safe haven in Pakistan

General Musharraff – the military dictator President of Pakistan
>>> Pakistan intellegence (ISI)
>>> ISI – the evil inter-services intelligence of Pakistan military
>>> sympathisers of Mr Bin Laden’s global jihad for an Islamic Caliphate

Dawood Ibrahim don of the muslim mafia allowed a safe haven in Pakistan.
Dawood Ibrahim >>> Bookies and betting syndicates

General Musharraff also the Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Cricket Board
Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Board
>>> Pakistan cricket management
>>> Pakistan cricket player(s)

Bob Woolmer the infidel – could never be a link in this chain.

An intense pressure must have been exerted on the Jamaican Constabulary to cover this up.
can there be any doubt, that this cover up could only be possible by interfernce of the highest authoruty?

27th September 2007:
Musharraf was the West’s darling ally in the war against terror. The west had not realised that their ally had .

The US, UK and their allies would bend over backwards for the umpteenth time to get their doubledealing friend out of trouble. is it a mere coincidence that the three ‘foreign’ pathologists who examined reports, autopsy video and X-rays of the Woolmer case, concluded that the hyoid bone was not fractured were
Dr. Nathaniel Cary of Britain’s Metropolitan Police;
Dr. Michael Pollanen, chief forensic pathologist of Ontario, Canada; and
Professor Lorna Jean Martin of South Africa

Someone out there gave the order for his death, someone out there knows who killed Bob Woolmer.

A paranoid speculation this? Perhaps.
But it is as likely that Woolmar, the unfortunate coach of Team Pakistan, was already a marked man who boarded the flight to the Caribbeans.

If only to cover up match-fixing by a nation’s highest office, can Bob Woolmer’s soul ever rest in peace?

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