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Meaningful Victory?

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After One year of sweat and toil in locations all over the cricketing world, and some scarily close moments along the line, Ireland finally claimed their third consecutive Intercontinental Cup  with a 9 wicket win over a very stubborn Namibia in the final in South Africa.

With that they moved further to cement their position as the best FC cricket playing national team outside the 10(9) test playing nations out there. There run to the final included innings victories over The Netherlands, Kenya as well as finishing the entire campaign unbeaten.

So what did the Irish get for their efforts?
Millions of dollars of funding in the style of IPL and Stanford superstars? nope…
A shot at one of the test nations to see if they have the mettle to make it at the next level? nope…
Prize money for winning the tournament to be put into the next generation of Irish cricketers? nope… 
Extra publicity and commercial sponsorships for the team and its players?…none reported so far…

1 nice looking Cup and a handshake from someone named Richard Done for the captain? …yes!

William Portefield (Ireland Captain) receives the Intercontinental Cup.

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  1. Posted November 8, 2008 at 12:31 am | Permalink

    That is the cricket I know.
    In my mind – it is a victory meaningful.
    Where a handshake and the call of “well played” was prize enough.

    The world is changing.
    The priorities are changing – sports too is changing with it.

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  1. By on November 8, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Meaningful Victory?…

    Cricket is also being played away from the test nations.
    It is the same game of cricket. But the prize is not $1 million – just a trophy and a handshake. The intercontinental cup.
    But is it worth the effort? – A question blogged by andruid for “Si…