A Pregnancy awaits: Day 2

Nightwatchgirl’s Ashes 2009 diary:


Dear Diary,

It has come to my attention (through, once again Miss Field – thanks) that the Ashes are nine months away exactly.

A lot of things can be done in nine months: namely the creation of a human being. NWG could get pregnant today (possibility rating 1/10) and before you can say the words ‘is-that-a-sheep-on-the-field’ Australia will have bowled England out for 18 and NWG will be sitting holding a baby (hopefully hers and not someone elses, that would be weird) and explaining fielding positions to a new-born wondering why she’s in Wales.

That got me thinking. Nine months is a long time. There was me getting all excited when given the form for Lord’s for Ashes tickets (still no word, but my fingers have remained crossed for about a week), but actually it’s bloody months away.

Tomorrow begins a new series between India and Australia, then Stanford, then India again, then South Africa a couple of times, the West Indies and a World Cup. Patience is not one of my strong points (I actually have none). And winter has just kicked in (well sort of, it’s getting darker and colder, that to me is winter). Nothing is going right. By the time summer comes around me and my little new born baby will be tired of waiting.

I want the Ashes now (especially as Australia have no spinner, Michael Clarke is too busy with his head in the toilet and Andrew Symonds is off ‘finding himself’ (just look in the nearest bait shop). This is the perfect time. Why wait?

Love Nightwatchgirl



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That will be interesting to hear, you trying to explain to a neonate
how a point can be silly
how a leg can slip
or how legs can be short and square
how the midwicket is not exactly in the middle of the pitch
how a player can be thirdman when there are 11 on the field

With a probability of 1/10 – it may well happen :)

©hinaman said this on October 8th, 2008 at 9:57 pm