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“Equator”: a cricket webring

A blog by Â(c)hinaman

Logo of cricket webring - equator
never ending nor beginning…

At last,
a functioning cricket-only webring.

because like the 0° latitude,
this too will become a never-ending virtual circle around the entire globe.


is an amateur cricket-only webring – a fun and easy way to find other cricket websites.
It is and always will be a free service – no registration or on-going fees, no accounts to renew.

A webring:

As the name implies,
is a way by which web visitors can surf through websites that share a common theme.

To navigate ‘around’ the webring,
the websurfer simply clicks on the “next”, “previous”, or “random” links found on every webring’s navpanel.

A animated image of a working webring

It is called a web ‘ring’
for by continually pressing the “next” link on the nav(igation) panel,
the surfer will move from one website to the next and eventually return to the starting website.

A webring is created and maintained by a person known as a the ringmaster.
The ringmaster
accepts site submissions and validates each site on joining
and monitors compliance with the rules and principles of the webring.
and is the sole arbitrator of whether a website belongs in the webring.

The benefits:

For the surfer:
Ringed websites being linked to one another through a common topic of interest, makes it easier for a net visitor to find relevent sites by surfing the webring than searching for links through large search engines. Moreover, the webrings are managed by individuals who have an interest or passion for the topic, and takes personal interest in maintaining a good quality ring directory.

For the websites:
A well run webrings is expected to deliver targeted visitors to a site because the visitors to the ring are focussed surfers of the ring’s topic or field of interest. This benefits those websites who invites quality visitors.

Reciprocating links: A webring is a unidirectional reciprocating link and is considered more “natural” links by search engines, and hence considered to have more value than the usual two-way reciprocal links.

Creating communities:
Webrings is an easy way to find other individuals who share the passion for a specific topic of interest. It helps make friends and build bridges, to learn from each other and to extend help to other ring members.

“Equator” is powered by The Ringlink Program – is a Perl program that provides the tools you need to run one or more webrings, i.e. systems of links between related web sites. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.

Principles and purpose:

There are numerous amateur websites, created by enthusiasts of cricket, that loses out to professionals in getting a high position on search engines. This webring, hopefully, will bring recognition for us from those who matters the most; others who share the same passion for the game of cricket.

Cricket is a sport known for its spirit of honesty and fairness.

If you are a cricket enthusiast with a blog, or a website,
and you value the true spirit of cricket no less than the thrills and spills on the pitch,
then you are very welcome to join this webring
- extend it bit by bit to complete the full circle.