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it is not summer yet.

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A blog by Â(c)hinaman:

But to those who exulted at the drop of Ganguly, its the equinox already.
For their demon slayer Dhoni is the man who has called it right.

Did he call it right?
Or has been riding on Indian good fortunes?
And the misfortunes of Australia and Sri Lanka.
Let us just bring our feet to the ground and see who won us the CBS.

Sri Lanka:

Is no longer the same team that challenged Australia in the World Cup.
By the end of the second week we knew it was going to be Australia v India finals.

Its not Indian brilliance that pushed them down to the third place,
they had already weakened considerably without realising.


The two final innings.
Back to back scores of Gilchrist 7 and 2; Ponting 1 and 1 doesn’t always happen.

It would be blinkered vision to attribute solely to the brilliance of our young bowlers.
It was also a loss of form of two batsmen who seldom fail in tandem.
Good bowling or lack of form, the future awaits to tell us.


India won the finals primarily because of their batting.
500 runs in total over the two innings. 208 came from one bat alone.
Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar:

He held up Indian innings from the top with 117 and 91.
That is 208 of India’s 500 runs scored in the finals.

It was his holding up the innings not just the runs that made the difference.

Tendulkar 117/120 91/121
Uthappa 17/33 30/49
Gambhir 3/4 15/16
Sharma 66/87 2/5
Yuvraj 10/21 38/38
Dhoni 15/12 36/37
Pathan   12/20

Nothing on these scorecards flatters any of Dhoni’s phoneys.

What Tendulkar did single handedly,
India would have done convincingly with Ganguly at the other end.
We are far from replacing the best opening pair ever in ODI history.

Tendulkar is not one of Dhoni’s youth brigade, the twenty/20 invincibles.
He has proved that the days of some seniors perhaps are not truly over.

Dhoni’s phoneys?:

Suresh Raina?
What was he doing in the team?
One of the brightest stars of the future.
The surprise selection at Dhoni’s insistence.
Was it simply to block one place on the squad that should have been Ganguly’s.

Manoj Tiwari?
Victim of a captain who leads by instinct?
Thrown in into a cricket cauldron within hours of a long haul flight.
But could not inspire the captain’s instincts for the rest of the series.

Dhoni chose a team in such a way, that he would rake in all the praise.
That, I admit, he did with great success.

So those who today praise Dhoni as bees knees, just hold your horses.
A single swallow doesn’t make a summer.

The real difference:

Finally, those who think I may have the proverbial egg on my face,
I leave you with one point to contemplate.

Rahul Dravid:

It is his absence that has finally got rid of the shackles of ODI Team India.

For years, Team India suffered being tied up to this piece of deadwood.
Going around in circles, held back the limited radius of his attributes,
never able to breakfree to win in the shorter format.

A testmatch-sheep in ODI-wolfs’ clothings.
Even the likes of Greg Chappell failed to build a successful team around him.

At last we have a “team” constructed with a batting line up
that does not have to compensate for a player who should only play test matches.

Not Dhoni’s phoneys, they have not got us back to winning ways,
it was getting rid of ODI Team India’s biggest fraud, that has been our turn around.





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