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Twenty20 fun on the hallowed turf

Australian flag

A blog by Miss Field:

I do love it when we win. I’m so proud to be Australian, for more reasons than just cricket, but cricket is one reason.

Imagine being at the MCG with that crowd! I went to a football game there last year and was in awe of the atmosphere, and it wasn’t even my team playing. To have been there last night, to see us demolish the Indians, and give Gilly a send-off, would have been something else. I didn’t see any back-turning, although I doubt it would have been aired if it happened. But from what I saw the crowd seemed well behaved. And no cheerleaders (that I could see), praise the lord.

India played terribly and it was very disappointing. However, I would like to mention Virender Sehwag, who chatted to the commentary team, ala Gilchrist and Symonds. I think it’s great that this happens, it’s fun and adds a significant dimension of camaraderie for the television audience. Although, they were talking to Gilly just before he got out, so it could be very distracting, but it’s his choice to do it. Anyway, when we played England, none of their players talked and it was quite disappointing (especially as Twenty20 is their creation). Balance is a good thing, and it makes things more interesting too. But not only did Sehwag join in, he said really nice things about Adam Gilchrist, and talked about his team’s poor performance, and I imagine that must be quite a difficult thing to do when you’re out in the middle of it all. Hurrah for Sehwag.

I also wonder why the other teams don’t have their nicknames on the back of their shirts. I think it’s good, although I did have a memory lapse trying to remember who Catfish is. A bit disappointing that David Hussey didn’t get a bat, but he still did well. (Loved Mark Nicholas’ comment “One of the Hussey boys is human! And it’s… Michael!”) Kudos to Adam Voges and Mr Wolf Blass, Brad Hodge, who is creeping up on my list of favourites.

A solid performance from Clarke and his boys. (First time I’ve said that. Feels funny). I know it’s only Twenty20, but after the events of the last few weeks, especially the circus that was the appeal hearing, the best way to exact vengeance is by performing well, and we have done just that. You’re only as good as your last game, and considering India are the Twenty20 world champions, I am quite impressed with our effort last night.

EDIT: My best mate Ruth has pointed out to me that Michael Vaughan actually did speak to the commentators during an Australia/England Twenty20. My mistake.

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Shorter than Twenty20? I can’t even imagine it!

Miss Field said this on February 3rd, 2008 at 8:52 am

I wonder if India are preparing themselves for shorter forms of cricket than T20. I am watching the 50 over match and that is exactly how I feel.

Batsmen who ’seem’ to have watertight technique are falling to loose shots.

3 or 4 from the top order already received the benefit of dropped catches. God bless our team, this series.

LBW said this on February 3rd, 2008 at 5:21 am


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