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20/20 into 50/50…does it go?


While we are wondering the whys of the team selection,
reading across the cricket news sites, we can see the hows.

Dada, (belated) sorry:

One-day old order changeth, unceremoniously

Perth, Jan. 20:
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s ODI and Twenty20 captain, has got the team of his choice and there’s no place in it for Sourav Ganguly.

According to The Telegraph’s sources, the selectors left it to Dhoni to make a call and he pushed for “youth over experience”. That suggests Sourav’s fantastic ODI career (11,363 runs, average of 41.02) is over.

Dhoni’s logic, one learns, was three-fold: that Sourav would struggle in the deep, that he isn’t the best runner between the wickets and that rotating the strike could be an issue versus world champions Australia and Sri Lanka.

What, perhaps, was left unsaid is that the presence of too many predecessors in the dressing room hampers the functioning of the captain. Dhoni, who is fairly new in the job, does require space to grow as captain.

So this is your call, Dhoni.
While the country wonders at the logic of this selection
the selectors have nicely set you up. It is now time for you to deliver.

Yes, you led India to a glorious twenty/20 win.
But only just.

You want juniors on the field to save runs.
Remember you need to put runs on the board first, before defending them.

A failure in the ODIs in the upcoming days, will only confirm
your lack of understanding of the differences in the two formats of the game.
A failure will surely question your capabilities as the future captain
and your leadership and man management skills.
It is more than just lifting trophies.

So prove that the success of the Twenty/20 victory has not gone to your head.
Or that your choice was not for any personal reason,
that you want glory only for yourself.

India will wait.



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