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Dig ‘em up !




The umpires could’ve awarded the match to Australia for Harbhajan’s ‘racist remarks’ on Symonds, … that would be better. Even better, why play matches, we give walkovers, and you win 4-0, you so-called world-beaters, you unsporting gits.

Even if Brett Lee declares, “It all ( the controversial umpiring decisions ) evens up at the end”, anyone with little rationale, even the aussie players themselves, that it is NOT so at the end of the SCG test. Australia have virtually been awarded this match that they were going to lose within FOUR DAYS. True, even barring the umpiring ‘dadagiri’-s, Indian batting was spineless in the last innings, but then, they showed more spine than Australia on first 2 sessions of day 1. And how much unfair pressure can you tolerate?

This Aussie side is one of the weakest ever, yes, and would easily buckle in such a condition. This may sound outrageous and more of an outburst, but the fact is that barring India, the handful of teams in test cricket grossly overestimate them and get overawed, and …… sigh, get chewed. India also does surrender sometimes, but still, we are the only team they fear.

For us, playing is primary, winning is secondary, and for them it’s just the reverse. That’s why they get frustrated by a 50-something 8th wkt stand of us, and start chirping away. As Harsha Bhogle rightly pointed out, they were no longer sure that they were gonna get a wicket. And, most importantly, their theme of this series is a severe panic, which started in the first test, when our ‘inexperienced’, ‘incapable-of-taking-20-wickets’, grossly underestimated bowling line-up shook them. They forgot that of late on away tours, the contribution of bowlers was more than the ‘best’ batting line-up.

And, …… ah yes, umpires, … why they have surely been tapped, because even in MCG, Billy Bowden looked ‘dubious’ (to put it politely), and this Sydney test, well, it has been rigged, just like the CPM does in the polls of Bengal (btw, notice the nice and befitting analogy of ‘have-to-win-at-any-cost’ pack of potheads) ! None of them except than Gilly is a gentleman, and ‘MoM’ (don’t know if he’s really been declared, but he certainly is the all-round ‘hero’ of this match ! ) Symonds gets a special mention among them.

Now, digs at the England team.
England, just like their soccer counterparts, is a team that is much hyped, overrated and least delivering. Gavaskar’s right, their county cricket is of the standard of our plate group Ranji matches.

And now, …… the ICC.
The epitome of bias, especially against the sub-continental teams. Clearly a desperate offshoot of the dying, cliched colonial superiority complex.




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Hi 186 no,

I submitted your blog to my favourite news postal, it has hit the frontpage.

©hinaman said this on January 8th, 2008 at 1:16 pm