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2007 review: Kenya - by Andruid

The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ugly

Its been another relatively eventful year in Kenyan cricket where the National team managed to play a total of 17 One Day Internationals four First Class matches and a further four T20 Internationals (5 if you count the game against Uganda) and while off pitch drama between the the Provincial Cricket and the National board and though the row was resolved it comes and as worrying surprise that once again that some of the more unpleasant ghosts from the row that forced an ICC intervention in 2005 have returned to haunt the new administration. For the Sake of getting all the important bits in and justifying the rather cheesy title of this article I will look at the the important events in Kenyan Cricket in terms of the Goo the bad and the Ugly.

The Good

-Winning the World Cricket league won without breaking too much of a sweat, earning the team qualification, together with losing finalists Scotland to the inaugural World T20 World Cup and about 250,000 dollars in prize money to boot.

-Two wins out of two of in the Intervontinental cup toset the team up nicely at the top of the table in the early running albeit against an understrength Canda and a substandard Bermuda.

-Cricket Kenya announced a number of lucrartive sponsorships deals including one with local brewery EABL, who will have the logo of their leading Beer (Tusker) on the National kit, (some of you who watched the T20 World Cup may have already seen it) and Sahara Computers who will be stepping in as the lead sponsor of a New National league set to launch early this year.

-Central contracts for National team players.

-Even more uncut gems uncovered in the form of Alex Obanda, Rajesh Bhudia, Elijah Otieno to name a few

-But probably the most crucial bit of good news was the announcement that they would be launching an Elite league that would involve T20, One day and most Importantly Multi-day cricket.

The Bad

- The T20 World Cup, despite the fact being understandably underdogs Kenya managed to sweep every undesirable team record in the short format of the game in less than 80 overs of cricket (ouch!)

- Kenya’s relative inexperience in Multi day cricket cruelly exposed by an India ‘A’ team as both matches in Mombasa are lost by an innings.

The Ugly

-A row between stakeholders in he Nairobi Province Cricket Association over delayed accounts and Constiutional amendments delays the National elections as well as those of the board originally set for July into the new year in a crisis that is reminiscent of the troubles that caused an ICC intervention in 2005

- A player sit in at the start of the year over Match fees regarding the abandoned ODI game against Canada highlights the fragility of the player’s financial security, an issue that hopefully player contracts has resolved.



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The player sit in was in January just ahead of the World Cricket League and before the deals with Nimbus, and EABL had really kicked in. The players hadn’t been officially put on contracts and had been living of match-by match bonuses and way the story was covered the problem arose as to whether or not they should have been paid over an ODI game that got abandoned cos the opposition could not field a fit XI.

While these deals have got Cricket Kenya set for money for the immediate future, they still need a more secure long term source of revenue to turn raise the game in Kenya to a truly International level because what the ICC contributes right now simply is not enough to close the gap with Test nations

Oh by the way thanks for the comment

andruid said this on January 5th, 2008 at 7:02 pm

andruid, Brilliant first blog!

- India ‘A’ had International players in it. It is understandable if Kenya had lost the matches. But, as you said, they should have given stiff competition and should not have lost by an innings.

- You stated that Kenya team has 2 sponsors. But, at the end you state that a player sat out of the match because of the fees? Does it mean Kenyan players are underpaid?

Offtopic but I would like to add:

I like Kenya for the factory of great long distance runners it produces. Oh yeah, we love the Kenyan Safari!

Welcome mate!

LBW said this on January 2nd, 2008 at 8:04 pm


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