How to Choose the Best UK Bookmaker

When it comes to selecting the most convenient UK online bookmakers which will cover all your needs, there are a number of primary factors which you should consider. They include; the types of sports offered by the bookmaker, the payment methods, the type of promotions and bonuses offered and the jurisdictions within which these promotions are limited to.

What to consider when choosing the best UK bookmaker

Website responsiveness

A website’s responsiveness is one of the factors which punters should consider when choosing an UK bookmaker. With a sleek and responsive website, you will be able to place quick bets in live betting and never complain about lag-time.

Promotions and bonuses

Before selecting an online bookie ensure that you check on the sign-up offers and other promotions involved. Bookmakers such as Bet365 offer punters 100% free bet bonus once they deposit first amounts. Other promotions you’ll experience include 100% bonuses when you wager on European Leagues and 50% bonuses when you wager on international sports. These bonuses and promotions are essential since they give you a chance to win more with just a few bets.

Fast payment methods

Bookmakers with fast and secure payment methods are the most proffered by regular punters. This is because these bookmakers process your winnings on interim dividends giving you a chance to prepare for the next bet. Most UK bookmakers have now turned to mobile banking where you’re only required to link your debit/credit card with your smartphone and withdraw funds in any ATM countrywide.

Legal or not

When choosing a bookmaker, punters should consider whether the Gambling Act has restricted your country from being offered with betting services.

Apart from these, there are other minor factors which you should consider when selecting the best bookmaker in the United Kingdom. Some of these factors include; responsiveness of the customer service team, the betting interface and the website speed.


When you want to open an account with an online UK bookmaker, you want to first make sure you’re going to get some of the best odds at this site. The last thing you want is to open your account and then realize that another site is offering consistently better odds on the sports or games that you would rather bet on.

Odds can greatly affect how much you will make in winnings from any particular bet placed. Scoring better odds can be a mix of picking the right betting sites, placing your bets at the right time, and luck. There are a few things you can do to make sure you pick a site that offers you good odds before you sign up.


Here are a few of the most reliable ways to search for the best odds from an online UK bookmaker:

User reviews are some of the most honest when it comes to rating an online betting site. At certain user reviews sites you’ll be able to read how people rated specific elements of a betting site, such as the odds given. Otherwise, the comments left by those rating the site can give you a good indication.

Look for odds-checking websites

Many sites do the legwork for you and have monitors on the odds offered for certain upcoming games, matches, or events. These sites give you an easy view of all the relevant information you need to find the best odds.

Search the top rated sites individually

Although it’s a lot of work, you can search through some of the most popular UK bookmakers and see for yourself what kind of odds they are offering. Some of these sites will show previous odds for games and many will offer odds for a lot of upcoming games which you can then compare to the other sites you’re interested in.